President's Breakfast - Self Titled

is a five year science project of Click Dark, arranger, drummer, composer, super collider, IS the thrashing devil dog of technofunctional sleezoid.

This record is his fault.

Moe Dark and the Love Posse - McGarrett is a Verb

From the murky depths of Bay Area Funk, the moody chambers of avant-jazz and over 100 episodes of Hawaii 5-0 comes "McGarrett
is a Verb" : a 12 track sonic hallucination that draws together elements from around the Bay Area and way, way beyond. The surreal landscape of strangling guitars, whirring UFO's and booming breakbeats suggest some interzone between P-Funk's Mother-ship and Pee Wee's Playhouse. As car engines turn over, little kids send shout-outs, and other assorted city sounds fill the background, Moe Dark lurks somewhere in the fore. Perhaps very near. So, meet Moe and the Love Posse. Just keep the lights on.

President's Breakfast - Doo Process

Warped Funk on a Psycho-Jazz Tip! "Doo Process" faithfully records the controlled chaos of a live P.B. show. Fueled by the pure improvosational fire, the band wraps itself around the songs' unpredictable time-signatures and mesmerizing beats, offerign a tastey stew of raw funk and jazz grooves, DJ scratches, crazy samples and live dub-style mixing. Added to the mix are the street rhymes of Chris Burger (of Alphabet Soup) and P.B.'s version of "Nefertiti."

President's Breakfast - Bar-B-Q Dali

Bar-B-Q Dali is the 100% improvisational brainchild of Click Dark. In an attempt to locate the musicians with the biggest ears and record them interacting this CD was born. Combining the rhythm section that is PB with the world renowned clarinetist Don Byron resulted in a five way simultaneous combustion that is full of sensitive textures and sharp surprises. OUCH!

President's Breakfast - lll C

President’s Breakfast: has just released III C; It’s a collision and integration of genre’s, ideas and musicians from diverse points. Brought together into a type of music all it’s own.

Under the guidence of Click Dark these folks kick some sonic butt. This is the fifth CD by the collective under various names (the third by President’s Breakfast). And the production is unmistakably their’s. :mixing little bits and bytes of dub flying around heavy funk grooves, jazz phrasing and blowing, with environmental sounds to create a seamless imagery (check out the corner of 25th and Mission in Love Supreme III)


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